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AgelessEmail is an email app for Tablet Devices (iPad, MS Surface).  It will also run in Google Chrome or Apple Safari.

To Register an account, click the Register an Account button.  After Registering, Login to the app with your Tablet Device to start using AgelessEmail.

Instructions for Registering / Running AgelessEmail in a Browser (Chrome or Safari) :

Admin mode:   https://app.agelessemail.com/ae/admin    Use this link to register and manage your AgelessEmail account. After registering, switch to your Tablet Device to start using AgelessEmail.

Standard mode:    https://app.agelessemail.com/ae    A Child or Elderly person could use this link.  Only Whitelisted Address Book Contacts (Senders) will show in Standard mode.  Standard mode protects children!  Standard mode eliminates spam for Elderly people!  Only email from trusted Contacts can be viewed in Standard mode.


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